There once was a time when only a select few possessed the mythical skills necessary to build a successful and secure online store.   These days anyone with a computer and a connection to the Internet can claim that they are an E-Commerce Developer, simply by signing you up with a shopping cart provider.  Unfortunately building a successful E-Commerce site isn’t that simple, but there are thousands of firms out there who claim that they are the best.  Why choose us?


First, it is all about experience, and we have a TON.  Padraic has been building e-commerce web sites since the mid 1990s, before there was such a thing as ‘shopping cart software’.  Over the years he has built over 500 successful sites, so he knows what works and what doesn’t.  From how to best optimize your product photos to how Rich Snippets work, he can guide you through the maze of features and functions and help you get online with the best possible site for your business.

Design vs Development

These are two totally different aspects of building a site, and usually you don’t find someone who is good at both.  The design of the site requires someone who is creative, understands the use of color and proportion, can transform a clients’ vision into a tangible reality, and also be familiar with what the current design trends are.  In short, it requires someone who is professionally trained as a designer.  Development uses the other side of the brain, a very technically oriented person.  Both of these pieces need to work in tandem with one another to build a site that not only looks good, but works well.  Here at Ryan Design Studio we have both professional designers and professionally trained developers on staff.


Many of our clients have come to us after being ‘abandoned’ by the company or individual who build their site for them.  That isn’t something you will have to worry about when you work with us, as many of our clients have been with us for over 10 years.  We answer emails within an hour during business hours, and you’ll even hear from us on weekends.  In short, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Attention to Detail

As the famous Architect Mies Van Der Rohe once said: “God is in the details”, and that certainly applies to e-commerce.  Little details like making sure the buttons and emails match the design and all of the boilerplate text is removed prior to launch are things that we pay attention to so that you don’t have to.


Let’s face it, money is tight when you run your own business.  We understand that, and our pricing structure is very straightforward. When we give you a quote, that is the price you will pay, period.  We never charge more than we quoted, and you won’t find a bunch of random charges on your final bill.  Our support billing is also very straightforward, you only pay for what you authorize.  We’ll always give you a quote before proceeding, and we won’t nickel and dime you on a quick email or phone call when you need help with something.  If only Attorneys billed like us!


Many larger firms will pass you off to a project manager or team leader after you sign the contract.  At RDS, you’ll always deal directly with Padraic throughout the process.  Whether it is via email or the phone, he’ll be the one you talk to so that you can be assured that your project is a top priority.  We’ll give you regular updates on where we are with your project so you will never be left wondering when something is going to get done.


No one likes projects that drag out for months on end.  It is a major headache for you, and not financially smart for us.  Most sites we build take no more than 4 weeks from start to finish, and some sites can be done in as little as a week.  We have a limited number of projects that we take on each month so that we can ensure that our resources are not stretched too thin.  Your project will always be a top priority.  With over 500 sites in our portfolio, we’ve developed a pretty good system!

Search Engine Optimization

There are plenty of designers out there who can build you a beautiful site, but if that site doesn’t rank well you may as well just throw your money the window.  Understanding how search engines index and rank your site is an extremely important aspect of launching an e-commerce venture, and we’ll guide you through each piece as you add your content.

Still not sure?  See what our clients have had to say over the years….


Our old site, although working well in that it consistently bought us business was actually running very old software that was well beyond a typical update. One day my worst fears came true – the site was down. Padraic managed to rescue the site so that it would continue to function while developing the redesign. Developing the new site with Padraic was without question a very good decision. He was incredibly responsive and accessible, promptly replying to every question. He strongly encouraged me to be very clear about every little detail. There was never a time where I felt anything but confidence in what the final product would be. He produced a site that is beautiful, engaging and has far more function than the original site. From the beginning and throughout the process, I knew I had made the right decision to work with Ryan Design Studio. We've worked with three other developers in the past, and this experience was worlds apart.

Kelley Maddison, L.E., B.S.

Kelley Maddison, L.E., B.S.

/ PRIIA Cosmetics

I am absolutely thrilled with the job that RDS did for my website! I’ve gotten so many compliments on the look and ease of use. I had been waiting a long time to be able to have RDS design a site for me and I finally took the plunge. Padraic and his team were always super-responsive and got the job done in the time frame that was promised. My website launch went off without a glitch! Thank you RDS for the amazing work you did for me. I couldn’t be happier!”

We have been with Padraic for over 5 or maybe 7 years now??? It doesn’t matter, as long as he designing and hosting websites we will be his faithful customers. Not having to worry about our website is priceless. I used to spend way too much time working on the site, making sure it was up and functioning. Those days are a thing of the past. I highly recommend him and his service. Our website receives endless accolades from our customers. Our website is beautiful. It is a direct reflection of the Good Earth thanks to his ability to take my vision and reflect if perfectly into a website. Don’t think twice!! Ryan Design Studio is the BEST!!!

Steve Barnes

Steve Barnes

/ Baby Hopes

Padraic has been an absolute pleasure to work with. We had a very old site that desperately needed a new look, and Padraic redesigned it for us. The redesigned site looks modern and professional and I am sure that it has increased sales for us. Padraic has responded very quickly to the odd tweaks that we asked for, and we now have a site to be proud of. We have another three sites that need a redesign and will certainly use Padraic for those as well.

Lisa Yount

Lisa Yount

/ Colic-Ease

I found Ryan Design Studio while viewing a customer's website that I lingered on to admire. I used their contact form to ask many questions. To my surprise all were returned quickly and clearly answered. From the initial stages after signing on to the project I had quick, easy access to Padraic. This same open communication continues today even after going live. Completely tailoring the site and cart to my needs and making sure I was able to understand the functions I required access to, even if it meant spending time instructing me. I feel that I received well beyond what I paid for and am truly happy with my final result along with the experience during the build. I would without hesitation, highly recommend Ryan Design Studio, Padraic and his programmers to anyone in the market for a website development and design company.

Roger Payne

Roger Payne

/ Payne's Bee Farm

After working on the website by myself for over 5 years, I was finding less and less spare time keeping it up to date. Before I could hand over this work, I needed to find someone that I could trust and who could deliver what it was I had in mind. Padraic was that guy! His design work was spot on and it was implemented into the website with great efficiency. He is always quick to answer any questions and to solve any problems that arise. I was so impressed and pleased with the results that I got, he has since worked on a further website for me which included custom coding. He has set extremely high standards and would highly recommend him to anyone.



/ Anfield Shop

After watching our business grow slowly for a year online we knew that we needed to radically change our approach with our shop. After searching around we found Ryan Design Studio and began the process of a complete site redesign that completely changed the way we do business. Padraic was there every step of the way to help us with the design, layout, and integration of our site which allowed our business to increase more than 150% as well as expose us to things like Search Engine Optimization opportunities to continue our growth. He responded promptly to every email and question quickly, and was incredibly professional throughout the redesign process. We could not recommend Ryan Design Studio more!

Lela Barker

Lela Barker

/ Bella Lucce

We've cycled through web designers several times now in a frustrating quest for the right person. That search was much tougher than we anticipated, but it ended the day I was plugged into Padraic of Ryan Design Studio. He's become an invaluable member of the Bella Luccè team and we now affectionately refer to Padraic as the Jedi Master of Web Design. His design was sleek and innovative, on time and on budget and he is an absolute doll to work with. The software is amazing and Padraic has effectively written numerous modifications to customize it even further for us- his web knowledge continually impresses me.

Working with Padraic and the Ryan Design Studio team was a great experience. I'd been looking for a website designer for years but never could quite commit until I spoke with Padraic and checked out all the fantastic work he's done. He was able to transform my descriptions and ideas into a beautiful site that completely captured my brand. I am so thankful that I chose to work with Padraic and his team!