New Pinnacle Cart Mods – April 2017

New Pinnacle Cart Mods

In addition to the Amazon Pay module we announced last week, we have 3 MORE Pinnacle Cart add-ons for you this month.  Can you tell we’ve been busy??

Product Rewards

This is based on the reward system that uses.  Essentially you can create different reward thresholds ($100, $200, $300) and allow your customers to choose a free product from one or all of the thresholds they achieve.  There are a number of options including exclusions per product, category and brand, excluding wholesale customers, etc.  Here are a few screenshots of it in action:

You can add custom messages to the product page:

Product Rewards for Pinnacle Cart

In the cart, you’ll get notified when you qualify for a reward, or how much more you have to spend:

Product Rewards for Pinnacle Cart

When you click on the link in the cart, it shows you all available thresholds and products:

Product Rewards for Pinnacle Cart

Great way to introduce your customers to a new product line or provide incentive to order more!  The layouts and styles of all the text/layouts can be matched to your site/specifications.

Cost: $450 installed


Product Q&A

This mod is based on another Amazon feature, the ability for customers to ask a question about a product and have either the admin, or another customer answer it.  You can fully moderate the questions via the admin area, so no worries about spammers or competitors hijacking your products.  Users can up-vote and down-vote answers so the most accurate one appears first.

Here is a screenshot of it on a test product in our demo cart:

Pinnacle Cart Q&A Module

This is just the generic template, we will of course style it to match your site’s colors, icons, etc.

Cost: $750 Installed


Mailchimp Pro

For those of you who use Mailchimp, you may have noticed a number of improvements to their service in the last couple of months.  You can now run Facebook Ads in conjunction with your newsletters, have more control over products in your newsletters, as well as more advanced tracking and conversion reporting.  All of that fun stuff requires the new 3.0 API, which is what this module does for your Pinnacle Cart 3.8 storefront.  In addition, you’ll get the extra added benefit of seeing your campaign reporting from right inside Pinnacle Cart!

Cost: $250 Installed

If you are interested in any of these, or would like a demo, please contact us.

Amazon Pay for Pinnacle Cart

Amazon Pay for Pinnacle Cart – Now Available!

Amazon Pay module for Pinnacle Cart

This is the one everyone has been waiting for.  If you aren’t familiar with Amazon Pay, it lets customers check out by logging into their Amazon account right from the cart.  And since 300 million people use Amazon, chances are many of your customers will take advantage of this.  They can pull in whatever shipping address or payment method they want, saving a ton of time at checkout.  This is especially beneficial for mobile users, as who likes typing credit card information into their phone to pay?

Here’s a screenshot of the cart with the Amazon Pay button at the cart level:

Amazon Pay for Pinnacle Cart

When you click on the button, you get a pop-up to sign-in:

Amazon Pay for Pinnacle Cart

After you sign-in, your data appears at checkout:

Amazon Pay for Pinnacle Cart

Orders placed via Amazon will show a little Amazon icon next to them in the admin, so you can easily cross-reference the payment in your Amazon account.  Slick right?

Note: This one is only for Pinnacle Cart 3.8 – so if you are still on 3.7, time to upgrade!

Cost: $250 installed

New Year, New Services!

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a successful holiday season and managed to get a little bit of downtime after the craziness was over.  January is traditionally when we get all sorts of inquiries about site makeovers, improvements and enhancements.  While we are of course available to handle all of your site’s design and development needs, we would also like to offer a new level of service which will help you improve your site on a monthly basis.  We’re calling it our “Monthly E-Commerce Tune-Up” service, and I think it will help many of you who struggle with SEO, Analytics, and the general site maintenance that goes along with running an e-commerce site.  Please take a look at the new service page and as always feel free to email us with any questions!

Responsive Design

Time to stop procrastinating and get your site converted to responsive!  With upwards of 50% of visitors looking at your site on a mobile device, providing a mobile experience that is just as robust as your desktop experience is essential.  Plus, Google is really pushing it as part of their algorithm updates now, so if you haven’t already been penalized for not being mobile-friendly, you will be! We can either upgrade you to 3.8, or convert your existing 3.7 template to responsive.  Either way, don’t wait any longer!

USPS/UPS Updates

Many of you have probably been getting emails from the shippers regarding upgrades, changes, etc.  Basically they are all finally getting their protocols up to date to the latest security standards. Rest assured that we are usually aware of these upcoming changes before you get those emails, and we’ll certainly let you know if any patches or changes are necessary.

Questions?  Comments?  Requests?  Feel free to contact us!

New Pinnacle Cart Add-On Modules

We have been building some great new modules for Pinnacle Cart, and I’m happy to announce that they are now available for Pinnacle Cart 3.8



Reward Points

One of the best ways to encourage repeat customers is to reward them for frequent purchases from your site.  Our reward point module has a number of features including:

  • Select how many points each dollar they spend is worth
  • Select how many points equal a dollar when redeeming them
  • Select which products allow the collection of reward points
  • Set the order status that awards the points (processed, completed, etc)
  • Add/remove or view reward points per customer in the admin area

Available for Pinnacle Cart 3.8.

Price: $300 Installed





If you aren’t familiar with Klaviyo, you should be!  It is one of the best email marketing and abandoned cart reminder systems available today.  The module pays for itself almost immediately in the recaptured abandoned carts alone.  You’ll also find the segmentation and reporting to be top notch, including the ability to watch users on your site in real-time.  Requires a paid Klaviyo account, which starts at about $25/month.  Available for Pinnacle Cart 3.8.  Note that if you have third party accounting/order management software, the integration can be a bit more expensive if you want it to play nice with orders.

Price: $350 Installed



maxGoogle factors page load times into their algorithm, so you want to deliver your site as quickly as possible to your customers.  A CDN (Content Delivery Network) helps achieve this by delivering parts of your site content from different servers, typically located closer to your physical location.  It is a vast network of servers that help to minimize page load times.  MaxCDN is the industry leader, and our  module integrates it seamlessly into Pinnacle Cart. Requires a paid account, which is calculated by the amount of bandwidth you use.  Available for Pinnacle Cart 3.8.

Price: $250 Installed


Interested?  Drop us a line!

New Pinnacle Cart and Spark Pay sites

We have been building a number of sites on the Pinnacle Cart 3.8 platform, as well as Spark Pay.  We have also been converting a number of 3.7 sites to responsive, which has proved to be very beneficial.  Please feel free to contact us today for a quote on converting your site!  Here are some of our newest creations:



Microfiber Wholesale –

This one was a big project, with just about every add-on and customization you can imagine including:

– Pinnacle Cart 3.8 with a fully responsive theme

– Yotpo Integration

– Preserve image names for SEO

– Added to cart pop-up

– Custom WordPress install with Knowledge Base and Gallery

– Tons of behind the scenes membership-specific settings


edinburghEdinburgh Silver –

Another Pinnacle Cart 3.8 site for our friends over in Scotland.  This one is a ‘minimalist’ theme, but with a number of enhancements including:

– Custom ‘engraving’ calculator so the customer can quickly see how much their engraving will cost

– ‘Mega Menu’ custom flyout menu to help navigate their extensive product listings

– Fully responsive theme




Earth Dog –

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Spark Pay, it is a very robust SaaS platform that is extremely easy to work with.  As with any SaaS platform, you get what you get, but if the feature set matches your needs it is a great alternative to a fully custom platform like Pinnacle Cart.  Our services include custom templates only, but we can sure make it look custom for you!

Another nice benefit of Spark Pay is the ability to operate multiple stores from one control panel, as the Earth Dog site does.  They have both a retail and a wholesale component, but can pull from the same pool of products and content.  Quite handy if you want to have multiple selling platforms for your business.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in the Spark Pay platform and we can get you set up with a demo!

Google’s Mobile Update and Pinnacle Cart 3.8

google-mobileHappy Spring everyone! For many of us, this winter can’t end soon enough. Spring is traditionally a time to clean up and start all of those projects you have been putting off all winter, so here are a few to add to your list.

You may have received an email from Google recently informing you of their upcoming algorithm update. This one is pretty major, and will include a mobile-friendly factor. Essentially if your site isn’t mobile friendly, you are going to get penalized for it. As I have discussed in previous articles, there are a few ways to achieve a mobile-friendly design, but the recommended approach going forward is a responsive design (you can read more about responsive design in our article here). Responsive design is the way of the future, as it gives the mobile user the same rich experience as the desktop and tablet user. Which leads me to my next point…

Pinnacle Cart finally came out with their 3.8 version. They completely rewrote the admin area of the cart, making it much more user-friendly, but more importantly they converted their templates system to responsive – meaning there is no longer a mobile-specific version of the site. This is good news, as many of you have complained about the generic look and feel of the mobile-specific version, as well as the lack of features and functions in it. They have also added support for CIM, which allows your customers to store credit card numbers while still being PCI compliant. That feature alone may be worth the cost of the upgrade. We also have a CIM module available for the 3.7 version of Pinnacle Cart if you are interested.

Here’s the bad news…upgrading to 3.8 is not as simple as clicking a button, it requires a complete rebuild of your store. For many of you with older Pinnacle Cart sites, this may be something you want to consider as there are many improvements to the new version. We can migrate your existing data and give you a fresh new responsive look while we are at it. For those of you who have a fairly new version of Pinnacle (3.7.13 and up), we can convert your existing design to responsive. The cost and complexity will depend on how complex your design is, but as a general ballpark it will be in the $500 to $1000 range.

I’d strongly suggest either upgrading to 3.8 or converting your existing site to responsive in the coming year. Your mobile users need to have the same rich experience as your desktop users, as the number of mobile users will just keep increasing.

Contact us today to find out what the best option is for your site.

Priia Cosmetics – A New Pinnacle Cart Site

slide3_(4)I’m happy to announce the launch of the new Priia Cosmetics site on Pinnacle Cart!

Kelley came to us with an outdated site that wasn’t keeping up with her quickly growing business. One of the major focal points was providing a seamless ordering experience for her wholesale customers, while keeping the site fully-functional for her retail clients as well.  We created a custom registration process for new wholesalers as well as offering customer-specific shipping methods, order minimums and content.

Our color swatch module lets her customers see the available colors visually via thumbnails, making it easy to see the different options available without a cumbersome pop-up or color chart.

We added our usual optimizations to the product detail page and checkout, making the site clean, easy to navigate and even easier to checkout.   A new WordPress blog with a matching design was added, and we migrated all of her posts over from the external blog she was using before, which will make it much more beneficial from an SEO perspective.

This is definitely NOT your out-of-the-box e-commerce site!  Stop by and have a look –

New Site and New Platform!

As you probably noticed, we have a shiny new responsive web site!  It is always difficult to find the time to work on our own stuff with so many client projects to tend to, but this one was long overdue.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with responsive design, it is a method of developing a web site in which the content scales to the size of the user’s browser.  Take a look at the site on your phone or scale down your browser window and see what happens.  This is the way sites will be built from now on, as there are just too many different ways people browse a site to continue down the ‘fixed width’ path.  Going forward you’ll see many of our new designs using this technique.

logo (2)

We’ve had a number of inquiries over the last few months by people looking for a hosted solution instead of a stand-alone solution.  The advantages of the hosted solutions are that they offer a simple and inexpensive way to get your store online, but with all of the features of a traditional self-hosted cart.  After doing our research and testing out a number of a candidates, we have decided to partner with Bigcommerce.  There were a number of factors that contributed to our decision, but the main bullet points are:

  • Fair pricing with a good entry point for those just starting out
  • Tons of features out of the box
  • Scalable – it will grow with your business
  • Easy to edit template system (ok, this is more for our benefit than yours)
  • User-friendly interface both for the customer and the admin

We’ll be offering a number of services for Bigcommerce including custom templates and functionality as well as mods and enhancements.  The goal is to give our clients with a limited budget a place to start and once they get some cash flowing in we can add a custom branded template down the road.  Hosted platforms aren’t for everyone, but if you want to go that route Bigcommerce is an excellent choice.

Questions?  Feel free to contact us!

New Services!

We are happy to announce three new services that we’ll be offering, effective immediately.

‘Bare Bones’ Pinnacle Cart E-Commerce Site

We realize there are a number of you out there that aren’t quite ready to commit to a full e-commerce package with all of the bells and whistles.  Starting a business is expensive, and start-up costs, inventory, legal fees and licenses can eat up a lot of your capital. The Bare Bones package will get you started on Pinnacle Cart with a license and one of their stock templates which we will modify with your logo and colors.  We’ll install the cart and get shipping, taxes and payment methods set up for you, and answer all of your questions as you populate your site with products and information.  We’ll get you launched and fully support your site just as we do with all of our clients. When you have the funds available for a custom design or functionality enhancements and add-ons, we can add them as needed.  A great way to get started while saving some $$$!  The price is $999, and we can of course add whatever add-on modules and enhancements you need.

Custom Development

Already have a Pinnacle Cart site but need some tweaks?  You’ve come to the right place!  We know Pinnacle Cart inside and out, and can build whatever functionality your site needs.  Just let us know the scope of your project and we’ll get you a price and timeline.  Our project minimum for custom development is $175.

Site Review

With over 11 years of e-commerce experience, we know what works and what doesn’t.  Now you can tap into that knowledge, even if we didn’t build your site!  We’ll analyze your site and give you feedback on design, layout, usability, SEO, security, optimization and and provide suggestions for improvement and helpful tips and tricks that will help increase your conversion rate and Search Engine visibility.  This service is available for everyone, no matter what cart you are running.  The price is $200, and if you opt to hire us to rebuild your site, you can deduct the cost from the contract price.

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Spring Update

It was a long winter here in the Northeast, but Spring has finally arrived.  What better time than to do some spring cleaning on your e-commerce site?  We have lots of new Pinnacle Cart customizations available, as well as some new services to offer.

New Customizations

Google Trusted Stores – build customer confidence by getting Google Trusted Stores status –

Mega-Menu – completely customize your flyout menus by adding images, text, or whatever you want!

Registry Valet – add a registry to your store using this third-party service.  We’ll make it look and feel just like your store.

Enhanced Attributes – gives you the ability to set a base price, wholesale price and sale price for each attribute or combination of attributes.

Anonymous reviews – allow unregistered customers to leave reviews on your products

ShipStation Integration – fully integrate your cart with ShipStation –

Front Page Slideshow Improvements – our front page slideshow now has the ability to specify a unique slideshow for each category page on your site

New Service

We are now offering custom programming services, even if you didn’t have your site built by us.  If you have a project, drop us a line and we’ll get you a quote!

New Pinnacle Cart features

Pinnacle Cart just released version 3.7.15 of their cart, which adds Subscription-based products.  This is a sales model that is catching on very quickly, and now you can offer your customers ‘subscribe and save’ type products.

If you have been waiting to do some work on your site, there is no time like the present.   Drop us an email and let us know what we can do to improve your store.  Happy Spring!

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