A Pinnacle Cart 3.8 SiteStill stuck on an old version of Pinnacle Cart?  Time to upgrade!

The new 3.8 version of Pinnacle Cart has a ton of new features including:

  • 100% responsive template – no more ugly mobile template or warning from Google that your site is not mobile-friendly
  • Authorize.net CIM built in – store your customer’s credit cards securely so they can easily order with saved credit card info
  • A totally revamped admin interface – a long overdue upgrade making it much easier to manage your store
  • Custom form builder – add a form to any static page with no custom coding
  • Vastly improved order, product and customer search functions
  • Upgraded reCaptcha – no more entering cryptic characters for your customers to register or contact you
  • Improved forms – additional error checking to help your clients deal with registration or data entry errors
  • Upgraded XML sitemap generator – generate a sitemap with a click of a button, no more FTP uploads
  • A new product image thumbnail generator – including the ability to optimize and compress images on the fly
  • Predictive search – real-time search results as your customer types in the search box

We have also added our own improvements to the 3.8 version of Pinnacle Cart including:

  • Blazing fast loading times – just check out the score of our custom Pinnacle Cart install package
  • Access to our newest mods including ShippingEasy, Auto Ship, Amazon Pay, Product Rewards, Mailchimp Pro and more
  • The latest version of MagicZoom – optimized for mobile
  • A completely custom template – we built this from scratch using years of A/B testing data for optimum usability on desktop and mobile
  • Completely redesigned wishlist – no more ugly tables that look like they were designed in 2001
  • Random Testimonials – show random testimonials anywhere on your site (we have it in the footer by default)
  • Optimized one page checkout – a clean, easy to use checkout that gets your customers to submit that order with no distractions
  • Professional email templates – clean, modern email templates customized with your logo
  • Instagram Feed  – showcase your latest Instagram posts on the home page, or even by hashtag for certain products

But wait, there is no upgrade link in my cart?

Unfortunately, the 3.8 version of Pinnacle Cart is not backwards compatible with older versions.  There are just so many changes to the structure that it would be nearly impossible to automate the process.  Fortunately, we have done this countless times and have a great system in place:

  1. Install a fresh copy of Pinnacle Cart 3.8 in a sub-directory on your current server (www.yourdomain.com/upgrade/ for example)
  2. We can either copy your existing template over to the new template system, or build you a completely new one.  It costs about the same either way, so it would be a great time to consider a redesign
  3. Copy all of your existing settings – shipping, taxes, payment methods, promo codes, etc
  4. Rebuild any custom functionality you had programmed on your old site
  5. Copy your existing products and categories across
  6. Fully test all of the features and functions, making sure that everything looks/works the way you want it to
  7. Copy across your customers, orders and product reviews (preserving the customer passwords as well!)
  8. Move the site to the root directory and archive your old site.

The entire process can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on exactly what needs to be done.

Pinnacle Cart 3.8 Admin areaWill it affect my SEO or cause any issues with customers?

We copy all of the urls, META data, product descriptions, categories, etc exactly as you currently have them.  So there will be no broken links or SEO issues.  In fact, we usually recommend taking the time during the upgrade to update outdated product descriptions, add missing META descriptions, etc.  We also recommend switching the site to full-time https per Google’s recommendations.

As far as your customers go, they can use the same login info they always have to log in and view their order history and manage their account.  The only thing that won’t migrate across will be any saved shopping carts they created before the move.  It is a great opportunity to send out an email to all of your customers asking them to come view you new and improved site!

Sounds great, but what does it cost?

The cost will vary depending on exactly what you need us to do, but we can do a basic installation with a stock template and migrate your store data for as little as $750.  Adding a custom design or copying over an existing design would add to the cost, as would any custom development that needs to be re-created on the new site. We’d be happy to provide you with a no obligation quote, just drop us a line!

My site works fine, why should I upgrade?

In additional to accessing the new features mentioned above, most of our clients want to upgrade because of the responsive template.  E-Commerce is all about mobile these days, and providing the same experience to your mobile customers is essential.  The mobile template in the older versions of Pinnacle Cart is downright ugly and the chances of getting an order through it are slim to nill.

There is also the issue of support.  Pinnacle won’t be supporting the older versions much longer, and they have already stopped providing upgrades.  As new technology emerges and third party vendors update their software, things will simply stop working in the older version.

Finally, PCI compliance plays a big part.  At the end of 2018 your server will need to be running PHP 7.1 in order to pass your PCI Compliance scan.  The older versions of Pinnacle are not designed to run on this version, which means you will be caught between a rock and a hard place – PCI Compliance issues or your site not working at all.

Won’t Pinnacle Cart provide a patch?

Unfortunately no, the changes required to make Pinnacle Cart 3.7 and earlier versions of Pinnacle Cart run on PHP 7.1 are too complex for a patch.  The 3.8 version will require some changes and that will be addressed by Pinnacle Cart, but they are no longer actively providing support for 3.7 and below.

Anything else I need to worry about?

  1. You will need an active Pinnacle Cart license/account in order to have access to the 3.8 version
  2. You will need to let us know about all customization you had done to the cart.  If we don’t know about it, we can’t copy it across to the new site
  3. Your server will need to be running PHP 5.6 or higher, and PHP 7.1 by the end of 2018
  4. We’ll need full access to your hosting control panel, FTP and admin area of Pinnacle Cart

Free Responsive Slideshow or Scrolling Featured Products

For a limited time we’ll either throw in our Responsive Slideshow or Scrolling Featured Products module for free with any Pinnacle Cart upgrade.

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