Every e-commerce site has specific needs, and often those aren’t part of the default Pinnacle Cart feature set. With each site we build, we add a few more customizations, which are listed below. Prices will vary depending on exactly how you want to use them. We have partnered with SafetyNetWeb to sell and support our add-ons, and have listed their Pinnacle Cart plug-ins below. Feel free to email us with any questions!

Pinnacle Cart Add-on Modules

These are pre-built customizations that you can add to Pinnacle Cart yourself, or have us install them for you. Note that you will need to be familiar with FTP software and editing PHP files in order to install these, they are not a ‘one click’ install!

Amazon Pay – $250 Installed

Let your customers pay with their Amazon account! Just about everyone buys from Amazon, so why not take advantage of their already secure credit card storage? Significantly cuts down on the time it takes your customers to check out, especially on mobile. Pinnacle Cart 3.8 only.

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Pinnacle Cart Responsive Slideshow – $200

A feature-rich, responsive slideshow for use on not only the home page, but category and static pages as well. Adjust the speed, transition type, add SEO-friendly text to the image, and much more.  A must-have module for any e-commerce site.

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Pinnacle Cart Custom Fields – $150 installed

This mod adds the ability to create custom fields for each product. For example, you could create a ‘video’ field and embed video into your product detail and category pages. That video could appear anywhere on the page you want, even in a tab. Very useful for products that have ingredients, spec sheets, etc.

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Pinnacle Cart Security Manager – $150 installed

Sick of those annoying spammers on your site? Have a fraudulent customer who just won’t stop? Now you can not only track them, but block them via the admin area. The module shows you a geographic location and IP address for each of your customer’s orders, and gives you the ability to block that user if they are misbehaving.

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Pinnacle Cart Advanced Order Manager – $150 installed

This module lets you modify any order: change taxes, shipping, apply discounts, even remove or add items. While it won’t charge or credit the customer the difference, it will make your life easier from an accounting perspective!

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Pinnacle Cart MaxCDN – $200

Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to deliver your content can speed up your site significantly, which is important to your Google rankings.  MaxCDN is one of the best in the business.

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Pinnacle Cart Added to Cart Pop-up – $175

Create a pop-up showing the customer what they added to the cart along with upsells and a continue shopping and checkout button.  See it here

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Pinnacle Cart Back In Stock Notification – $150

Let your customers sign-up to receive an email when a product is back in stock.  Automatically triggered when you update the stock on the admin side.

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Pinnacle Cart Shipping Per Product – $150

This lets you specify which products can ship with which shipping methods.  Great for stores that have restrictions on where they can ship certain products.

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Pinnacle Cart Custom Filters – $250

Let your customers narrow products down by manufacturer, price, or whatever variable you want! You can see the module in action here.

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Pinnacle Cart Tax Cloud – $150 installed

With a Tax Cloud account ($10/month) and this module, the cart will automatically collect sales tax in whichever states you want. You’ll even get reports on how much to file and where to file, and they can even file for you! Great for states with complex tax structures such as New York and California. Supports tax exemptions as well!

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Pinnacle Cart Reward Points – $300 installed

Reward your customers by letting them collect points on each purchase, and use those points toward a future purchase.  Many customization options available including when the points are applied, what products they can be collected from, etc.

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Advanced Customizations & Third Party Integrations

The customizations below are only available to our Pinnacle Cart clients and the cost includes installation by our professional staff.

  • ShippingEasy Integration – $400
    Fully integrate Pinnacle Cart with ShippingEasy  – http://www.shippingeasy.com
  • Invisible reCaptcha – $200
    Hate entering those unreadable characters?  Your customers do too.  Upgrade to the latest version which is completely invisible to your customers
  • Dynamic Q&A – $400 
    Want your customers to be able to ask and answer questions like on Amazon?  Contact us for a demo.
  • ShipStation Integration – $400
    Fully integrate your cart with ShipStation – https://www.shipstation.com
  • Klaviyo Integration – $400
    If you aren’t familiar with Klaviyo, it is one of the most powerful email/tracking tools on the market.  Not only can you see what your customers are doing on your site in real-time, but you can send them abandoned cart reminders, segmented email campaigns and much more.  The cost varies depending on how you handle orders on your site.
  • Easy Upsells – $400
    Hate defining product families in Pinnacle Cart?  This mod lets you easily select which products to show as upsells right from within the product detail page in the admin.
  • Point Of Sale = $300
    Create Orders in the back-end of Pinnacle Cart.  Great for phone orders!
  • Printable Packing Slip – $200
    Ever wanted a separate packing slip to send with your packages? Now you can have one!
  • Mega-Menu – $250
    Completely customize your flyout menus by adding images, text, or whatever you want!  See an example here
  • Enhanced Attributes – $250
    Gives you the ability to set a base price, wholesale price and sale price for each attribute or combination of attributes.
  • Anonymous reviews – $300
    Allow unregistered customers to leave reviews on your products
  • Advanced Review Module – $200
    Centralize your customer reviews on the product they are tied to. Allows you to view, add and edit reviews on the corresponding product page in the admin.
  • Custom swatch colors/images for each attribute – $400
    Now you can upload a swatch color and a separate image for each attribute. When changing attributes or clicking on the swatch color, the main image changes.  See it in action here
  • Ask a Question – $200
    Adds a pop-up “ask a question about this product” form to the product detail page
  • MAP Pricing – $100
    Hide your product pricing until the user adds an item to the cart – Requires the Custom Fields module
  • Featured Product Carousel – $200
    Show your products in an image carousel – allows you to show many more products in a small amount of space.  See it here
  • Wholesale Module – $500
    Minimum order amounts, wholesale-only static pages (configurable in the admin), ability to create accounts in the admin, restrict products per membership level, restrict payment methods (such as PO) to wholesale-only, restrict shipping methods per membership level, quantity breaks for wholesale only, taxable/not taxable per membership level. Price will vary depending on what features you want/need
  • Manufacturer Page – $200
    A page that allows the user to see all of the manufacturers as graphicimages and links to their respective pages. Click here for an example.
  • Color Coded Order Status – $200
    Easily see what orders are processed, complete and failed.
  • What’s New – $200
    Page shows a set number of new products automatically, sorted by date added
  • Bestsellers – $200
    A page of bestsellers based on sales
  • Category Display – $200
    Lets you select the default category display template (list view, thumbnail view, etc) for each category in the admin
  • Order Summary on Order Complete Page – $200
    In addition to the email invoice, give your customers a visual summary of their order on the order complete page
  • Random Testimonials – $200
    Set them to randomly appear on home page/side bar/footer
  • Category Priority – $200
    Set priority of items per category on category page. Useful when products are in multiple categories
  • Attribute Priority – $200
    Set priority of variant stock items
  • Shipping Estimator as a pop-up – $200
    Keep your customers on the cart page and load the shipping estimator as a pop-up Add something here and you’ll see it on the cart page
  • Rich Snippet/Rich Pin Integration – $200
    Give your customers a competitive edge in their Search Engine/Pinterest listings
  • Insurance Option – $200
    Allow your customers to add insurance to their order. Customizable options and prices in the admin