We’ve added a ton of functionality to Pinnacle Cart over the years, and have made the more common requests in to apps.  Unlike carts like Shopify that charge you a monthly fee, these are a one-time cost.  No recurring fees!  Many of these will only run on Pinnacle Cart 3.8, but if you are still running 3.7 contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

If you see something you would like, just drop us a line and we’ll schedule an install for you.

Third-Party Integrations

Google has now made reCaptcha invisible so your customers won’t have to check a box or decipher unreadable text.  We’ll upgrade your current version to the invisible version.

Cost: $200

Instagram Logo

Show a dynamic feed of your latest Instagram posts on the home page or show specific hash tags on individual product/category pages.  Example here.

Cost: $200

Front-End Enhancements

Scrolling Secondary Images

Have a ton of secondary product images?  Scroll them with MagicScroll! See it here

Cost: $250

Scrolling Featured Products

Dynamically display your home page featured products, allowing you to show many more products in a small amount of space. See it here

Cost: $200

Advanced Brands

Creates a ‘brand’ page that displays the logos of all of the brands you carry.  When you click on a brand, you get a list of all products tied to that brand.  Adds the ability to add META and description data to each brand page as well.

Cost: $250

Random Testimonials

Display your customer testimonials in the footer or on the home page and show a new one each time the page refreshes.  Footer example here, home page example here.

Cost: $200


Completely customize your flyout menus by adding images, text, or whatever you want!  Great for sites that have complex navigation structures or hundreds of sub-categories.  See an example here.

Cost: $250

Sizing Charts/Informational Pop-Ups

Want your customers to be able to see sizing charts for clothing or other information about your product without leaving the product page?  This creates a pop-up right on the page from an icon or a link.

Cost: $200

Magic 360

Do you have products that would benefit from a 360 view on the product detail page?  Magic Toolbox has a great plugin that allows you to do exactly that!  We’ll integrate it into Pinnacle Cart and provide you with an admin interface to upload the images.

Contact us for pricing

Vacation Message/Promo Banner

Need a way to display information to your customers and have the ability to turn it on/off?  We’ll create either a pop-up or a top banner with an editable text variable to make it super-easy to do exactly that!

Cost: $200

SlickNav Mobile Menu

Hate the default mobile menu in Pinnacle Cart?  Yea, it sucks.  This menu is fully-customizable, dynamic and much easier on the eyes than the default.  See it in action here.

Cost: $250

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