New Pinnacle Cart Mods – April 2017

New Pinnacle Cart Mods

In addition to the Amazon Pay module we announced last week, we have 3 MORE Pinnacle Cart add-ons for you this month.  Can you tell we’ve been busy??

Product Rewards

This is based on the reward system that uses.  Essentially you can create different reward thresholds ($100, $200, $300) and allow your customers to choose a free product from one or all of the thresholds they achieve.  There are a number of options including exclusions per product, category and brand, excluding wholesale customers, etc.  Here are a few screenshots of it in action:

You can add custom messages to the product page:

Product Rewards for Pinnacle Cart

In the cart, you’ll get notified when you qualify for a reward, or how much more you have to spend:

Product Rewards for Pinnacle Cart

When you click on the link in the cart, it shows you all available thresholds and products:

Product Rewards for Pinnacle Cart

Great way to introduce your customers to a new product line or provide incentive to order more!  The layouts and styles of all the text/layouts can be matched to your site/specifications.

Cost: $450 installed


Product Q&A

This mod is based on another Amazon feature, the ability for customers to ask a question about a product and have either the admin, or another customer answer it.  You can fully moderate the questions via the admin area, so no worries about spammers or competitors hijacking your products.  Users can up-vote and down-vote answers so the most accurate one appears first.

Here is a screenshot of it on a test product in our demo cart:

Pinnacle Cart Q&A Module

This is just the generic template, we will of course style it to match your site’s colors, icons, etc.

Cost: $750 Installed


Mailchimp Pro

For those of you who use Mailchimp, you may have noticed a number of improvements to their service in the last couple of months.  You can now run Facebook Ads in conjunction with your newsletters, have more control over products in your newsletters, as well as more advanced tracking and conversion reporting.  All of that fun stuff requires the new 3.0 API, which is what this module does for your Pinnacle Cart 3.8 storefront.  In addition, you’ll get the extra added benefit of seeing your campaign reporting from right inside Pinnacle Cart!

Cost: $250 Installed

If you are interested in any of these, or would like a demo, please contact us.