Let’s face it, running an e-commerce business is a LOT of work, particularly if you also make the products you sell. There just isn’t enough time in the day to produce products, process orders, deal with customer service AND try to market and improve your web site.  There is a wealth of information available to you about who your customers are and where they are coming from, but unless you spend the time to analyze that data every month you are basically wasting your time on any SEO or marketing efforts you are doing.  I’ve also noticed through the years that many of our clients don’t take advantage of half of the tools available to them, including abandoned cart reminders, email marketing, customer reviews and more.  If you are not using any of these tools, you are basically leaving money on the table.  Here’s where we would  like to help.

Our monthly ‘tune-up’ service will take the bulk of this work off your plate.  Each month we’ll crunch the numbers for you and provide you with a detailed report.  On top of that, we’ll give you specific, achievable tasks that will help you improve your traffic, conversion rate and convert some of those abandoned carts. There are two levels of service which are outlined below:


Advanced Tune-Up

Once a month we will analyze your site and provide you with a report which will include:

  • Traffic/Analytics data (visitors, referrers, platform, device, etc)
  • Conversion rate/cart funnel
  • Current Google Page Speed rank with suggested improvements
  • 404 (page not found) errors from Webmaster Tools
  • Site issues and suggested improvements
  • SEO issues (missing META tags, duplicate content, etc)

We will also:

  • Upgrade WordPress and WordPress Plugins (if applicable)
  • Convert site to full-time https
  • Write 301 redirects for broken links (up to 20/month)
  • Help you set up abandoned cart reminders (if your cart has that ability) and advanced tracking
  • If you are using Pinnacle Cart, we’ll install the latest patches and third party updates (shipping carriers, credit card processors, etc)

Cost: $49.95/month


Pro Tune-Up

Everything in the Advanced Tune-Up plus:

  • 10% off all of our Pinnacle Cart add-ons (Pinnacle Cart users only)
  • 1 free mod per year – for 2016 it is the new Google reCaptcha (Pinnacle Cart users only)
  • Keyword/Competition analysis – make sure you are optimizing for the correct keywords
  • Suggested keywords to add to your site
  • Backlink and Domain Authority metrics

Cost: $99.95/month


As they say, time is money, and these services will easily pay for themselves in the time they save you, the potential revenue from increased traffic, increased conversions and abandoned cart captures.

Please note that a minimum 6 month commitment is required due to the time it takes us to set up the service. The buttons above will allow you to set up the subscription through PayPal using either your PayPal account or a credit card, and then you will be automatically billed each month.  Questions?  Feel free to contact us!