While running an e-commerce business can be an exciting and rewarding venture, there are some aspects that are just no fun at all.  Adding new products, editing product images, writing product descriptions and META data are just a few of the tasks that store owners absolutely dread.  If you find yourself avoiding these types of things because you hate doing them, we have a service for you!

E-Commerce Management

Available in 5 hour blocks at $50/hr, we will handle all of the tasks you absolutely hate, including but not limited to:

  • Product Entry

    Whether you upload your products manually one by one or via a spreadsheet, we’ll get them online quickly so you can start selling!

  • Product Image Editing

    Making sure your product images look perfect can be a time-consuming task, especially if you are not familiar with Photoshop.  We’ll not only format and optimize your images, but upload them to your site as well.

  • SEO Copywriting

    Writing quality META Descriptions, Titles and Product Descriptions is one of the key pieces of any SEO strategy.  That doesn’t mean it is fun!  We’ll write keyword-optimized descriptions and titles for as many of your products, categories and pages as you like.

  • Banner Creation

    Yes, it is probably time for a fresh home page banner.  Let us create it for you!

  • Analytics Monitoring

    When is the last time you checked Google Analytics?  Probably not often enough!  We’ll keep an eye on your data and let you know if there are any red flags.

  • Google Search Console Monitoring

    Google Search Console is a valuable tool to help you keep track of potential indexing issues.  We’ll check in regularly and fix any problems that come up.

  • Testimonial and Review Moderation

    Reviews and Testimonials are essential pieces of your marketing strategy, but managing them can be a headache.  We’ll moderate them for you, making sure no spam sneaks through.

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