Amazon Pay for Pinnacle Cart – Now Available!

Amazon Pay module for Pinnacle Cart

This is the one everyone has been waiting for.  If you aren’t familiar with Amazon Pay, it lets customers check out by logging into their Amazon account right from the cart.  And since 300 million people use Amazon, chances are many of your customers will take advantage of this.  They can pull in whatever shipping address or payment method they want, saving a ton of time at checkout.  This is especially beneficial for mobile users, as who likes typing credit card information into their phone to pay?

Here’s a screenshot of the cart with the Amazon Pay button at the cart level:

Amazon Pay for Pinnacle Cart

When you click on the button, you get a pop-up to sign-in:

Amazon Pay for Pinnacle Cart

After you sign-in, your data appears at checkout:

Amazon Pay for Pinnacle Cart

Orders placed via Amazon will show a little Amazon icon next to them in the admin, so you can easily cross-reference the payment in your Amazon account.  Slick right?

Note: This one is only for Pinnacle Cart 3.8 – so if you are still on 3.7, time to upgrade!

Cost: $250 installed