Sending your hard-earned money to someone you have never met in person is always a difficult decision, so we want to tell you a bit about the company and the people behind it.

A Bit of History

Ryan Design Studio was formed back in 2003 by Padraic Ryan as an Architectural Services and Web Development company.  Yes, those are strange services to be offering together, but Padraic is a licensed Architect and at that time E-Commerce was more of a hobby than a profession.  That quickly changed as more and more E-Commerce clients came our way, and eventually we dropped Architecture all together.  Today we specialize solely in E-Commerce design and development, focusing primarily on the Americommerce and Pinnacle Cart platforms.  We have built over 500 successful e-commerce stores for clients all over the world.

padraicPadraic Ryan – Owner and jack of all trades

Padraic graduated with a degree in Architecture from the University of Miami.  It was the minor in Entrepreneurial Business Management that really sparked his desire to be his own boss though.  He handles all of the day to day operation of the business, and he is also the main point of contact for every client. His specialties are in the setup and ‘skinning’ of the cart, as well as optimizing both the design and functionality of the site.

Random facts about Padraic: Brews his own beer (with his wife Joni), and hopes to retire to Ireland one day (hence the lovely Ireland photos all over the web site)


Carlos Rodriguez – Design Guru

Long-time collaborator Carlos Rodriguez spent many years in the post-production industry as a colorist, working on many of the commercials and music videos you have probably seen on TV. He then spent 3 years working for the Pepsi Center in Denver, doing much of their graphic design and web site development and moved on to a couple of big development firms where he learned the business of mobile apps.  Carlos’ specialty is in the overall look and feel of your site. He takes your vision and transforms it into a tangible reality.

Random facts about Carlos: Will one day become a millionaire by making an extremely addictive mobile game



Joni Ryan – Overqualified Intern

Joni has too many degrees to count, and recently joined us while she takes a break from her ‘other’ career in which she happens to be a world-renowned Embryologist. We are hoping she makes some earth-shattering discoveries in this field as well. Clearly she is WAY overqualified for this job, but we are lucky to have her!  Being the newest member of the team, Joni gets to do the stuff no one else likes to do, like write 301 redirects and handle data migration. She is also learning the ropes of AdWords and Analytics to help us manage our in-house SEO.

Random facts about Joni: She’s a genius (literally), a Wisconsin native and will one day write a bestselling novel